Medan Tourism of Local Food and Restaurant Part 2

If you have decided want to visit the Medan city as your holiday destination, you should find out more information about what you are going to do in Medan. There are a lot of things that you can do while visiting this city starts from visiting the nature tourist destination, visiting historical place, taste their local foods, and many more. While you are visiting certain city, you shouldn’t miss to taste their foods as well because there is a chance for you to get culinary in this city well, so don’t miss it. For this problem, you have to find out more information about Medan tourism of local foods and restaurants that you can try.

There are thousands of local foods and restaurants that you can try based on what you want. However, you should notice that some foods of certain restaurants serve pork, so if you are a Moslem, it will be better if you have known about what kind of food that you want to try and ensure that there is no pork or such as ingredients like that in your food. There are top 12 of Medan tourism of local foods and restaurants that you can taste. They are:

  1. Chasio Asan. If you are looking for the pig tongue, this place will serve it for you. The honey glazed chasio is the best dish that you can taste and you can feel the delicious taste of it. Well, because of this dish is made from pig tongue, it is not recommended for a Moslem.
  2. If you want to get fresh and healthy foods, you can buy the street food of mixed fruits that you can try. By eating fresh fruits in your visitation, it will make you can get such as booster to enjoy your visitation in this city.
  3. Hung Hung. It is your best place if you want to get Chee Cheong Fan with the Medanese taste that will make it taste so delicious.
  4. Rasa Seafood. This restaurant serves you any kind of seafood that you can taste. You will get the seafood served with Medan style that will make you can order for more plates.
  5. Ucok Durian. For you, a durian lover, this city is like a heaven for you. Well, this city is a home of durian which can give you delicious taste of durian that you can’t get from the other cities. If you have tasted durian in other places, you should taste it in where it belongs. It will make you can’t stop eating them! The price of durian in this city is relative cheap because you just have to pay for about IDR 30k for small durian and only IDR 50k for the bigger one. You can taste it directly or if you want to pack it for souvenirs, you can pack them up.
  6. Bolu Meranti. If you are looking for the best souvenirs from this city, this cake is best options.

Those are top 13 of Medan tourism of local foods and restaurants part 2 that you can visit while holiday in Medan.

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